Starting again …

You may remember when I posted about our days of the week chart, our visual timetables and social stories. You may also recall about the autism course I attended developed by the National autistic society? And what about our timer?

All these techniques and tools did make a difference to Ts life. I am not saying it was the all singing all dancing answer to our problems but they certainly helped.

So what’s the problem?

Well Ts behaviour has slid back to where we were 2 years ago, if not worse because he is older and bigger. Yesterday my husband and I met with Jacqui – our very helpful and knowledgable autism nurse. As we sat and talked through the issues we’d been facing – it helped us face the fact that we’d become a little bit lazy about using all the good tools we had put in place which were helping our son.

It hasn’t been a conscious decision, but I believe that fact that as life with T got easier we got a little complacent in using the tools consistently. Over time Ts anxiety, frustrations and lack of understanding of the world around him has gone back to his pre-diagnosis days.

So today, we’ve relocated our days of the week chart to our hallway so it’s very visual to everyone in our family. I’ve ordered a better weekly planner to arrive later this week. My husband bought a rewards chart and stickers today so we can start reinforcing good behaviours and not constantly focusing on the bad. We will also be recording all incidents so we can try and identify the trigger.

I feel bad that this has happened, but life does seem to get in the way of good intentions. But we will reinstate the tools and perhaps add more to our support to T.

I want my happy smiling boy back :)


One thought on “Starting again …

  1. I had asked at the Sotos Yahoo group if they thought that kids with Sotos had behaviors that cycled.
    I wondered because, we work so hard to get Mercy to be able to function with the fewest melt downs possible, and we see great progress. Progress thatt tends to last 2-4 weeks. And then suddenly everything falls apart. We don’t know why. And then we end up with about 2 weeks of multiple daily meltdowns. One time we realized it was a sensory issue. She had 2 loose teeth. But other times we have no idea why and we fall into bed at night exhausted, wracking our brains over what/why/how ?? :o)
    Now I believe her behavior cycles, and I am at least ready or better prepared to tackle the melt down cycle without worrying about what it is. But of course still look to see if it is something.
    It just seems it is what it is. And since I know she’ll return to the happy cycle when she’s ready, I have hope.
    (((HUG))) T is blessed, you are amazing parents!

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