Ts first swimming certificate

After taking swimming lessons every Saturday morning along with a swimming session each week at school, T received his first swimming badge and certificate.

We are over the moon.

He’s not a conventional swimmer and still has a lot of work to do around putting his face in the water more and getting those arms over when swimming on his front. But as his swimming instructor says – he’s now safe in the pool.

Sam just throws him in the pool at the start of each lesson and he is able to swim by himself to the side of the pool in Ts own style.

On Saturday it was Ts last lesson until September due to the school break. It was also his last lesson with Sam who is moving away from the area. Quite sad as T has developed a real bond with Sam. But Sam has promised to document in detail Ts progress for a new instructor going forward.

We are off on holiday soon, and looking forward to seeing T spend lots of time in the swimming pool.

Here are some photos of his last swimming lesson with Sam.







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