A letter to Mr. Meltdown

So you are back. It wasn’t a surprise to see your face again today, your cronies had been hanging around for a little while and we knew it was only a matter of time before you showed up again.

So where have you been lately? Tormenting some other autistic child? Or just making life hard for some other mother perhaps with a toddler?

I guess you won’t be surprised if we don’t welcome you back with open arms. To be honest we thought you had gone for good but it seems that’s not the case. Well don’t expect us to give in to you, we will be getting out our war maps and we will fight you every step. You see, it’s not a given that you should inhabit our son just because he has autism. We got rid of you once, and listen carefully Mr. Meltdown, we will get rid of you again. We just have to go back to our original notes and work out what we did to get rid of you last time.

I guess seeing you again today made me realise something, perhaps I’ve been a little lax in my efforts to stave you off. I didn’t visual timetable our activities today and I lost my temper which always helps feed you. But today you brought your old cronies to back you up, Mr. Obsessive and Mr. Anger.

And when you all show up at once, some of the nice character traits my son has go into hiding. Mr Listening turns down his hearing aid and needs a megaphone to get him to take notice. But then the loudness needed to awaken him tends to bring out Mr. Waterworks and so we are left with a hoarse mother and a sobbing child.

So tomorrow’s a new day, school holidays are upon us which is always your favourite time of the year. But be warned, we are on to you and your days are numbered around here.

Yours sincerely

T’s mum.

3 thoughts on “A letter to Mr. Meltdown

  1. Well said!
    We saw Ms Meltdown return last week after being gone an entire month! The longest ever for us so far, since we’ve only been family 14 months now.
    But it was wonderful to see that it doesn’t have to happen!! We can work towards more months meltdown free!

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