Learning letters of the alphabet

Yesterday I was making T a cushion for his bedroom and wanted to appliqué a letter T onto the front. Whilst looking on the internet for templates for the letter I ended up printing out the whole alphabet capitalised.

I showed it to T who was very good in saying the alphabet and following the printed sheets. I was surprised as I knew he was good at numbers but he’s struggled with his letters in the past.

Today whilst out shopping I found a great little game called “Spell it Out” by Chad Valley. It cost me £1.29 in a charity shop. Basically there are all the letters of the alphabet made of cardboard and shaped into jigsaw type pieces, as well as pictures of simple words.


This afternoon we spent time playing with the game. I set out all the letters in order of the alphabet and T got to choose a picture. We then talked about the picture – practising the word and then I asked him what letter the word the picture was showing began with. We then spelled out the word with T finding each letter in turn. When each word was complete I made a massive fuss and we did high fives and clapping. He loved this and was happy to do more words.

What I found that Ts ability to say letters is improving greatly and his recognition of letters and ability to choose them is also really good. A great little game which I think we will use a bit more over this half term break.



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