Some days we are more aware of autism

I know this might sound odd or strange, but today has been a bit of an odd one.

Firstly let me explain … I know my son has autism, it’s obvious … He loves routines, visuals work better than words for him, his speech has been delayed and he has sensory issues around certain noises. I am completely comfortable with the fact he is autistic.

But today has been odd. Today he seemed more autistic than ever. From breakfast he’s been ‘in one’ just more combative, hitting and getting upset for no known reason. The old T came back a little today, just a little too much obsessive, acting up, running off, hitting me.

I thought we were over this. This is the old style, which I thought we had put behind us. The question is can an autistic child be more autistic on some days than others? I guess something triggered it today but I haven’t worked it out yet.

We sometimes have days like these and the following days are back to normal. We will just ride the rest of the day out and hopefully T will be back to his ‘normal’ self tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Some days we are more aware of autism

  1. Yes, you can certainly get days that are more autistic than others. My son has triggers but that tends to just cause a meltdown that we muddle though. An actual bad day is normally a sign that he needs a ‘day off’ from holding it all back. He copes so well normally with all the every day issues Autistics encounter that sometimes it’s like he just says ‘today I’m not holding it back anymore, I’m just gonna let it all out.’ Although those days can be tough, I try to use them as a reminder of how hard he’s trying the rest of the time. They are little supermen!

  2. That is very interesting. And I’m sorry to hear those behaviors returned.

    With Mercy age 6 we see her have good days Sat- Wed. Then things start to go down hill. By Thurs or Fri she needs a small dose of Prescribed as needed (we call it PRN) medicine. The med makes her very sleepy, but she fights that. She still needs her sleep med that night, it won’t help her sleep.
    And then once again Sat – wed. Everything is quite happy. Until Thurs or Friday.
    We see the Geneticist 2/24- I hope he can explain this!

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