Scoliosis update

Yesterday we visited the orthopaedic surgeon to check on T’s scoliosis curve. We were a little worried as last time the curve had worsened and today’s appointment was to see if he needed to be listed for surgery. By surgery I mean rods to straighten his spine. Not a nice thought although absolutely necessary.

T was amazing. He was happy and calm and stood brilliantly for the x-rays. He also was very good at waiting around and was helpful when the surgeon wanted to see his brace. The appointment went like a dream compared to how they have been previously.

And the good news is….. no surgery… yet. A reprieve for now!

The curve hasn’t changed since September, so his brace is holding it steady at present. It might not always be the case and we know surgery is on the cards at some point in the future but hey – we will take this small piece of good news and celebrate it.

The surgeon is also going to list him for a new brace to be fitted in April – as he’s growing very fast and likely to outgrow his current one quite soon. So we will be back to see the surgeon for more x-rays in about 6 months (August or September) and we shall see where we go from there.

Did anyone notice that the new Magic rods were noted by National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a good alternative to conventional rod therapy. click to read article on BBC website

We discussed this with the surgeon today and he said there were lots of options for T when it comes to undertaking the surgery but there is no point in discussing it until the time has come to actually make the decision about rods. At the Child Growth Foundation Conference I met one mum whose gorgeous son had had the magic rods fitted. I also know of another gorgeous Sotos child who is booked in for it in the Summer.

Bit of a weight off my mind anyway and we can start planning our Summer!


One thought on “Scoliosis update

  1. Wonderful news!! (((HUGS))) The xray reminds me of my Molly. She had a genetic Ataxia that took her life. We couldn’t operate on her scoliosis or she’d die early. It was so hard. But she never complained- not sure why she didn’t get a brace??!! They adapted her wheel chair to it. Maybe because her Ataxia was life threatening? Hmm Sorry- thinking out loud again! LOL! ;o)

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