Sotos and sleeping

I’ve just come downstairs from putting T to bed. And as I sat with him, I wondered how other sotos families fare with sleeping.

We are lucky. T sleeps and sleeps well. Bedtime is usually around 6.30 to 7pm and generally he will sleep until around 6am.

A couple of nights per week if he’s thrown off his quilt and wakes up cold he will climb into bed with us and go straight back to sleep.

Talking to friends, we are extremely lucky in the sleep department, special needs or not.

Getting T to sleep is another matter. We need to sit or even lie in bed with him until he falls asleep. The getting into bed thing is a fall back to when we did love bombing and I think he really appreciates that close feeling he gets being cuddled by his mum or dad just before he falls asleep.

However, he fidgets a lot before he falls asleep. Legs move endlessly, he holds his arms in the air and rubs his arms constantly. You know he is ready to fall asleep when he flips onto his front and often puts his head under the pillow. However this period of time can be anywhere from 10 to 35 minutes. Often myself or my husband will also fall asleep!

Once asleep nothing really wakes him.

He’s a real mover when sleeping, often we hear him slam himself against the wall as he turns over. This doesn’t wake him although he will appear with bruises on his head the next morning!

We try to maintain a good bed time routine and a consistent time when he goes to bed. If T doesn’t get at least 10 hours sleep the following night he will be a monster. He is completely driven by how much sleep he has the night before in terms of his mood and ability to concentrate.

How do your children sleep? Are we lucky? Or is being a good sleeper a benefit of sotos?



4 thoughts on “Sotos and sleeping

  1. Its like reading about our little girl in relation to getting T to sleep, the constant moving/fidgeting before sleep and throughout the night and Eleanor too raises her arms but she rubs her fingers together when tired. However unfortunately that’s where it ends for us, despite having bed time routine and in bed by 1930hrs, Eleanor is very rarely asleep before 2130/2200hrs (sometimes later), will awake in the night and get into bed with us, confess to giving up putting her back as then we are all up for hours, she will often go straight back off if she can snuggle up, and will then be awake anytime between 0530/0630hrs.

  2. Alex sleeps quite well. We have a very strict bedtime routine, but he really likes it. At 7PM if we haven’t initiated, then he will ask to be put to bed. Lately we are having a few problems with him kicking off big time, but I think I have figured out that it is because he wants a choice. Before we would just leave the room. Even though the result is eventually the same, HE wants to tell us to turn off the lights, close the door etc….! But in general he sleeps from 7PM till 6AM on the dot….and then its groundhog day!!!!

  3. Since it is fall and we set the clocks back our daughter (6) is now actually, seriously tired- phew!! But before this she would sleep only 1 1/2 hours and re-awake all night long. One night was incredibly terrible and she hit her head till she bruised it more than accidentally, she was self injurious. :o( She also yells and screams loudly! …….sigh……… The Drs were little help (she is new to them) until finally they consulted a psych who suggested Clonadine. But Clonadine only lasts 4 hours! So we were back to square one. Her metabolism is very fast also. So we came up with 9 mg of melatonin (10 is max) and 2 Benadryl tablets.(she can tolerate higher levels of meds) It works like a charm and she is now so much happier with less behaviors. She goes to bed at 8 p.m. falls asleep by 9 (before it was midnight!) and sleeps till 6 a.m.

    She still will slap her face in her sleep. Not sure if she’s awake? So we put a little jacket on her backwards with fleece mittens sewn on the ends of the arms. She loves it!

    Poor baby- the geneticist is going to help us in Feb. (yes we have to wait) with something he might like better.
    We had almost all of October with no sleep!!!????
    Oh and we also put her in a crib that sits on the floor- like a full size travel crib, because she fell out of bed and she hit her head on her sister’s bunk bed frame out of frustration- ouch! :o(

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