I survived the summer.

Well T has been back to school for 3 days now. We are back into our old familiar routine. All in happy in the tnfg household.

This summer was great. Really great. Really really great.

I don’t think I’ve experienced a summer like it before. It was filled with laughter and happiness and was really special. Previous summers have been horrible. They’ve been full of anxiety, aggressiveness, frustration and meltdowns. Our household has not been a good one during the 6 week break and so I never expect much from the long summer break other than it being a hard slog.

This year was different. T is in a better place. His communication is really coming along and his confidence has grown. We can manage his expectations much better and had prepared him for all activities and changes in routine. I think my husband and I had matured a lot in terms of our understanding of autism too.

So I can remember all of the meltdowns this summer because they were so few. And I can understand where all of them came from. And in the future I think we might be able to avoid them with a little planning.

So all in all a happy and successful summer. It can be done!


One thought on “I survived the summer.

  1. I know for my daughter, the better she can communicate, the less frustrated she is. I don’t know that she shows any autistic behaviors that I can see. Sometimes it is just her very strong will!! Her “avoidance” of us to do what she wants! (I have a boy age 6 with Autism and Down Syndrome.) We’ll see as time goes on! I actually dream that my daughter tells me things in full sentences- because I wish for her to talk to me so badly!! (I have other children who don’t speak and I’ve never dreamed of them talking) And yes you do, you are getting better as a parent- it is one of the joys of parenting- and the reason we decided to continue parenting! I tell my adult children I know when I was younger I was not as understanding- and I’m sorry, but it comes with experience and age! :o)
    My daughter turns 6 in 2 weeks!

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