Ideas for the summer break part 2

Cutting and sticking. On a theme. T really enjoyed the cutting and sticking activity homework he had from school so I think I will spend an hour or so in the holidays doing something that he will get a lot from. I think it may be a train theme or perhaps a collage of photos from our beach holiday.

If its the former I will buy a train magazine that he can use. He use to spend hours looking at the pictures of trains in magazines when he was younger that this might just fire his imagination.

I know we will not be able to spend too long on this activity because it will not hold his attention for too long but info think he’ll enjoy the choosing the pictures and cutting activity.

To buy: child safety scissors and potentially a railway enthusiasts magazine.

I’ll let you know if this works out. Here are some pictures of T doing his homework a couple of weekends ago.





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