Christmas 2012 – how a home made gift made a little boy’s day

It’s boxing day today, and another Xmas is all over. It’s been a fabulous Xmas this year. I think for the first time T actually was anticipating and excited over the event.

He got up at 4am on Xmas morning (yes 4am!) and had a truly wonderful time opening presents. He loved the unwrapping of gifts, and received some immediate favourites that he’s not put down since.

We all received wonderful gifts – both friends and family have been so generous and it’s been lovely to spend it with family.

A highlight for me has been speech and imaginative play. We’ve really seen and heard some excellent speaking as well as playing these last few days.

Prior to Xmas whenever we asked T what he would like from Santa he would only answer “presents”. And I may have mentioned in previous blogs he asks for nothing. We can visit a toy shop and he will not ask for anything in the shop and will be happy wandering around looking at the toys. However, late in the day on Xmas eve he started asking for a toy metro. I don’t know where he got the idea from but I know buying his favourite activity is impossible as there are no toy metros to buy. Even though he loved his presents he was still asking for a toy metro before bed on Xmas day.
I felt a little heartbroken for him as there is no such toy and any attempt to buy a yellow train to pretend its a metro train – he will dismiss. Been there done that.

My parents dropped by last night on the way home from my sisters house and we happened to mention Ts request. I was planning on asking my dad to make one for Ts birthday in July. But as luck would have it my dad had actually made T a metro station – a replica of our nearest one along with some wooden metro trains. He hadn’t brought it with him as they we planning on giving him it when we visited them today.

It’s got the name of the station, platform numbers and tracks.

How wonderful and fantastic is this?

T loves it. And I think there will be many hours of play with it going forward.

Thank you dad. You made a little boy very very happy.

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